Man suspected of assault with pizza

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MASURY – An American man is suspected of domestic violence after a woman would have assaulted with a pizza.

This photo of Evans was spread by the authorities.

That notifies the police to ABC News. Kenneth Evans (24) was by the end of Tuesday was arrested in his home in Masury. Agents heard screaming when she is on the ramp, walked, and saw the woman through a window.

When she aanbelden, the woman was still yelling. Nobody did open. However, agents eventually where they Evans ’heavily intoxicated’ found. The living room was completely renovated with the bank on his head against the wall’, told an agent later.

According to the victim the misery began in the car. They drove and Evans started next to her to ’scream’ and ’against her head to push’. Then he beat her with a pizza in the face, stepped with much noise, tried to fight with the neighbor, threw the tires on the road and molesteerde a mailbox.

The woman has, according to the Brookfield Township Police Department apparently very light injuries’ sustained.

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