“Mad fan” will contactverbod Jared Leto

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A friend shoots the lead singer of 30 Seconds To Mars to the rescue, because of “crazed fan” who Leot but continues to approach.

A friend of the singer Jared Leto is to the right stepped on to a contactverbod to ask for a “crazed fan”. The fan believes that the girlfriend, Emma Ludbrook, has a relationship with the 30 Seconds to Mars singer.

According to documents that The Blast in your hands is Ludbrook concerned about the risks that Jared, his brother Shannon and 2 others walk by the woman, who Noele Sewell is hot.

Sewell is convinced that Ludbrook and Leto have a relationship that is prevented by the friends of Leto. Ludbrook says that Sewell Leto multiple times a call and a foreign voice messages left. Also she sent him an e-mail in which she threatened to overdose on pills to take.

Steps have already been taken to create distance between Sewell and Leto; so they refused to events of 30 Seconds to Mars. However, the woman continues, these measures ignore. Sewell is referred to as “crazy and unpredictable”, and Ludbrook wants to now that if Sewell in contact trying to come up with Leto, she is arrested. Ludbrook following month, her case judged during a session.

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