M5S-party suggests gedoogsteun Berlusconi

f2dcf1cbf656d256c1c23b680a8de061 - M5S-party suggests gedoogsteun Berlusconi

ROME – The leader of the Italian Vijfsterrenbeweging (M5S) sees the opportunity to form a government with the right-populist Lega. M5S-head Luigi Di Maio repeated, however, that he no covenant with them as with the political partners of the Lega, including the party Forza Italia of ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi.

Di Maio said after consultation with the president of the Senate that he did not want to talk about ministersposten with the party of Berlusconi. The M5S politician suggested that Forza Italia a new government from the parliament would be able to support. That party left later know there’s nothing to feel, and called it in a statement ,,immature” to try to the grouping of right-wing parties to divide.

The country still has no views on a meerderheidsregering. The election of 4 march yielded no clear winner. The Vijfsterrenbeweging and the Lega have in principle enough seats to co-reign. Lega-leader Matteo Salvini has so far denied his ally Berlusconi to fall off.

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