Lars von Trier after years of welcome in Cannes

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Filmmaker Lars von Trier is after seven years of welcome at the Cannes film festival. His film The House That Jack Built has been added to the official program of the festival, from 8 to 19 may take place.

Von Trier was for many years a persona non grata after he was in 2011, his sympathy for Adolf Hitler uttered. The Danish director said during a press conference about his film Melancholia to have an understanding for the nazi leader, “even though he did some wrong things.”

The arrival of Von Trier at Cannes is not entirely a surprise. Artistic director Thierry Frémaux said earlier this week that the festivaldirectie “has been up to the persona non grata status to delete.” “The directors are in the assumption that it might be time to bring him back a place as a filmmaker.”

The House That Jack Built is out of competition films. That means that the film, with, among others, Matt Dillon and Uma Thurman, not competing for the Golden Palm.

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