Klopp: ‘No sense in harness to die’

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Jürgen Klopp is taking a year off if he stops at Liverpool. That left the coach know in an interview with Sky.

Jürgen Klopp: “I notice more and more that this box is super intensive.”

The German, who recently with the club in the semi-finals of the Champions League achieved, gave no indication when that time comes.

“Moreover, it is not excluded that at a certain moment I say: I stop. Earlier than other trainers do that. I notice more and more that this box is super intensive. I have no desire to, so to speak, in the harness die.”

At Liverpool, Klopp still has a contract for four years. He and his family agreed that he was a year off when he leaves the club in the Premier League. “And I close absolutely not, that I after that year say: this was great. How my career further after Liverpool is going to look know I really have not.”

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