King of Swaziland gives country a new name

1711d48c9ea2429d2fa79dcda8eeeb73 - King of Swaziland gives country a new name

BABANE – The prince of Swaziland gives his kingdom a new name. Mswati III renamed the country Kingdom of eSwatini, which is “the land of the Swazi’s” means.

The king announced the change of name during the festivities surrounding the fiftieth anniversary of the independence of his country. He said during a speech in the city of Manzini that Swaziland, a former British colony, his old name back. “I want to disclose that our country, from today, known as the Kingdom of eSwatini”, proclaimed Mswati III.

The name change has, according to the prince of the practical reason. He said that the name Swaziland caused confusion. “If we go abroad, refer people to us as Switzerland,” said the king, who dressed in an army uniform the stadium binnenreed in an open car. He stressed that the country name where the inhabitants can identify.

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