Kanye: my tweets are a book

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Kanye returned this week back on Twitter and sharing since then, many words of wisdom with his followers.

Kanye West wants his wisdom to share with the world. The rapper returned a few days ago on Twitter and since then los with the parts of his levensinzichten.

Kanye refers to his tweets as a book. Tuesday, he reported: “Oh by the way, this is a book that I have real time to write. There is no publisher who tells me what I should put and how many pages I should write. This is not a financial matter but a deep-seated need to express myself.”

The tweets of the musicians are diverse. One time, advises the father of three young children, his followers, and the first hour that they are awake with no one to speak of their own? s imagination to enjoy. Other times he goes on a filosofischere tour with statements like, “you’re a drop of water with the ocean as your army”. In some tweets he keeps it plain and simple: “Stop just lying about sh*t. Just stop.”

Wife Kim Kardashian put together with girlfriend Chrissy Teigen Monday all the dragon with the tweets of Kanye. In his message, “Sometimes you have to all throw away,” said Kim quasi-indignant, “Everything?”. Chrissy join the conversation by Kim a mattress as they need to. The kids could be in the opblaaskasteel sleep that is still in the garden was after the birthday party of daughter Luna this past weekend.

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