Justice Patricia Mine amazes Johan Vlemmix

979bd7f9dd902868ae850036dc172890 - Justice Patricia Mine amazes Johan Vlemmix

Johan Vlemmix finds it “very unfortunate” that Patricia Mine him for the right drag. What it is concerned have not so far to come. “I do not matter,” he says against BuzzE.

Vlemmix and Mine are already longer in the clinch on an idea of the Local entrepreneur. It seemed to him like life-like dolls of the diva. “That is right then a sex doll called, but you can do anything with it.”

Patricia found that less fun and demanded a compensation of 30,000 euros. Wednesday, they served a subpoena in the court in Den Bosch. “This is absolutely not what I want,” says Vlemmix, which, in turn, a counterclaim of € 200,000 was submitted. The entrepreneur and Oranjegek as a result of the emerging controversy are small business in the robotpoppen shut down.

Legal extortion

The compensation that you are Mine demands according Vlemmix “a bit far.” “It is almost legal extortion. For what have I done wrong? I have the dolls not on the market, but only a sample is made and that no one has seen because it’s a surprise for Patricia. So I have its copyright not been infringed.”

The diva also claims excuses of Vlemmix. “That I understand still. But I have flowers sent, hugs sent. I would not know how I my apologies can make. I really don’t understand why they go to the court, is on board.”

Sorry is enough

Nevertheless, says Vlemmix that he “will continue if they persist.” “I have that counterclaim just have to do because they are busy. Just sorry is enough? I find it very unfortunate that it is now a matter is, this costs thousands of euros and years of time.”

Vlemmix says that he doesn’t get the money to do so. “I want her money at all. If I get something, it goes straight to a good cause.” The Dutchman says that he is the of the whole thing to his heart. “I now walk with such a device around, and have tomorrow to the hospital. I’m so sick of everything.”

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