Jon van Eerd shows openness about ’lunch’ Kemna Casting

0cf2748069ebb28aece5ce6a912a99b8 - Jon van Eerd shows openness about ’lunch’ Kemna Casting

Actor Jon van Eerd takes Kemna Casting at the heel and thereby gives a glimpse into the ins and outs of the company that the last time under fire.

Jon van Eerd

The actor has an invitation for a lunch published that he ’some time ago’ was given on behalf of the creators of the comedyserie Itching. “Best Peter Heerschop. ITCHING is that program where I made a time ago an invitation from Kemna was for a lunch.. erm lunch, I mean lunch. I said lunch? Yes, lunch…”, writes Jon van Eerd.

The invitation is for a lunch where a lot of the recordings are made, which then again in one of the episodes for the new season can be used’. The attendees also get an assignment: “Peter Heerschop pretends he is depressed and julie do then again like you career to have him due to his mood, to energize.”


“You understand it all, you turn a modderfiguur if you’re not on comes days. Of course, this is not paid.” And to the guests extra to the line, the casting agency is also a regular driver to take them to the Friese Pingjum to drive, where the now infamous castingboerderij of the cases castingdirector Job Gosschalk. “So there is no excuse to not to.”

It is the followers not immediately clear whether the relevant invitation or not satire, but gradually one discovers that this apparently should be taken seriously. And that brings quickly the necessary responses. “Haha, nice lunch, and or you in the meantime so unpaid will be represented. Priceless.” Another concludes that it apparently works in tv and is wondering when the corresponding scene on tv. “Then we can see who has been kicked out.”


This week it was announced that Kemna Casting and Job Gosschalk, who for many years worked as castingdirector for the company worked and last fall into disrepute was because many actors are intimidated and sexually abused would have, finally, definitively out of each other. It has taken some time, because Gosschalk – leaving the country – especially back to the Netherlands, had come to be his signature, declared journalist Frank Walloon.

Meanwhile, more and more sounds to the outside that the corporate culture at Kemna Casting is not to about to home to writing. There would be a tense and gritty atmosphere, as described, an insider within Kemna the first weeks after the Gosschalk debacle last week in the New Revu. It is two people so high, that they have decided to work on an item on tv about this.

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