Jacksons deny health problems mother Katherine

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The reports that Katherine Jackson had a stroke and poor, are not true. Explain this to several family members.

Katherine Jackson with her grandson Prince, the son of the late Michael Jackon.

Monday, reported Radar Online that the 87-year-old mother of Michael, Janet and Jermaine, this weekend had had a stroke. They would therefore almost not able to speak and partially paralyzed his hit. A spokesperson for the family reports, however, the New York Daily News that that story is nonsense. “Mrs. Jackson is in order. She is with her daughter Rebbie. I don’t know where this came from but it’s fake news.”

One of the nine remaining children of Katherine, who not to be named, also reports to the newspaper that no one need to worry for the grandmother of, among others, Paris Jackson. “It is not true, it is a gossip. It goes well with her.” Granddaughter Genevieve leave according to Daily News to know: “the One who this story to the world has helped lying. Katherine is okay.”

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