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Investment opportunity redBUX: until 30.4. at BRIC INVEST

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Until 30.4.2018 investors at the Prague investment house BRIC INVEST redBUX Tokens, with a Bonus of 15% plus VAT. a new customer bonus PLUS 300% Airdrop-Bonus draw.

The redBUX-ITO (Initial Token Offering), the 22.3. the Main Sale started, is being touted by analysts such as media entries, as one of the most exciting market a crypto currency for the year 2018. So about the mirror reported Online a few days ago about the redBUX:

“The Berlin-based Startup Memento 3D aims to revolutionize the adult industry. With the strip dancer, Texas Patti, the programmers give an Outlook on how the future in this industry might look like. […] 700 Erotic Actresses have already been scanned, in addition to the German Texas Patti and Micaela Schäfer is the American Starlet Jessica Drake. ‘The adult industry is a driver of new technologies’, says panel [CEO of Me.Mento GmbH]. Erotic have already helped the VHS video cassettes to make the breakthrough. Now the Virtual reality to follow. The company of the learned Bankers invested a lot of development work, the ‘girls’, as plate, to scan, down to the smallest Detail and true-to-life to animate.”

redBUX wants to be THE dominant new currency of the Adult Entertainment industry: As the payment system of the highly acclaimed vrXcity Virtual Reality platform, for already many of the leading companies in the adult industry such as wicked pictures or iwantEmpire have decided, will be to find the redBUX are soon in over 6,000 adoption of the global Adult Entertainment industry.

Due to the great success of the Pre-Sale Phase, in the approximately 3 billion of the available 3.9 billion redBUX were sold, and to ensure that the redBUX has quickly over a large volume of trade, the Me.Mento GmbH has now decided to 30. To not give April all of the investors, only the usual sales bonuses, but also to provide for the upcoming week and a Airdrop-Bonus in the amount of up to 300% of free tokens. This offer also applies retroactively to all investors who have already subscribed. Investors who want to secure the last available redBUX, may 30 at the Prague investment house BRIC INVEST up to the. April draw. There you will receive a Pre-Sale Bonus of 15% and the Airdrop-300% Bonus and even an additional, attractive new customer bonus on top of it!

BRIC INVEST Board of Directors Miroslav Soukup is, therefore, safe: “investors who buy with us now, and the confidence to bring to keep your Token, and to their use in the more than 6,000 points of acceptance of the global adult industry uses, have a great opportunity to realize due to the limited time available, high premiums in the future, with the redBUX significant gains.”

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