Flemish couples get ’seksles’ on tv Goedele

e3e0d68328aa04d6f4b8ce1ebdc6cf24 - Flemish couples get ’seksles’ on tv Goedele

ANTWERP – For the new tv program ’Sex Tape’ will of the Flemish seksuologe Goedele Liekens looking for couples who have a week-long all want to film with their relationship, until in the bedroom.

Liekens, the images in the program to discuss with the couples and, where necessary, good advice. Each week she will be three couples in the studio to receive a week-long their life, relationship and sexual escapades filmed. Thus as the well-known tv-personality, show how the in Flanders ’really like’ in the bedroom.

The program will be broadcast on FIVE. At this time, the search is on to participants. How many Flemish people have already specified, is not known.

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