Facebook wants to reach EU rules limit

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SAN FRANCISCO – Facebook is taking measures to prevent that soon almost all of its users under the new European privacy laws fall. The internet company wants that the regulations only apply to European members. Facebook confirms that decision to Reuters news agency.

Facebooks international headquarters in Dublin, and the American headquarters is located in California’s Menlo Park. All users outside of the US and Canada have a contract with Facebooks Irish subsidiary and are subject to the European privacyregime.

With the General data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may 25, in effect, the European privacy rules are stricter. Governments, companies and other organisations are obliged to demonstrate what personal information they collect and how they are used and protected.

Facebook wants the 1.5 billion users from Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America fall under American regulations. On violations of the European directive are, in fact, fines of up to 4 percent of the global turnover. For the socialenetwerkbedrijf can be in the millions.

Facebook let in a statement to know that the European privacy settings are also available for the rest of the world. ,,We apply the same privacy protection, whether or not your agreement with Facebook Inc. or Facebook Ireland.”

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