EU warns Venezuela to elections

75489a7429cc315e373c0640d6f0aa33 - EU warns Venezuela to elections

BRUSSELS – All the political parties in Venezuela must be given a fair chance to participate in the elections of 20 may. The Venezuelan government must be free and credible elections to guarantee and to stop the undermining of democracy, otherwise “appropriate measures” will follow, warns the European Union.

Nicolas Maduro

On 20 may, presidential and local elections were held heavily by an economic crisis-hit country. The opposition is sidelined, there are political prisoners and for non-pro-government parties and candidates, are the obstacles raised. The EU will in the course of the elections, keep a close eye on, says buitenlandchef Federica Mogherini on behalf of the member states.

In January, the EU continued seven high-ranking political and military officials of the regime of the left-wing populist Nicolás Maduro on a sanctielijst. The union forbade in november of delivering weapons to Venezuela and other goods that can be used to suppress the population.

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