Defendants attack the Jewish Museum for volksjury

a8d6bc9e59e271c939f68e243f1ffc5d - Defendants attack the Jewish Museum for volksjury

BRUSSELS – prime suspect Mehdi Nemmouche and his alleged accomplice, Nacer Bendrer in the attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels in may 2014 to a trial for a volksjury. The attack claimed the lives of two Israeli tourists, a volunteer and an employee of the museum.

Three of them were witness footage from surveillance cameras by a man with a kalashnikov shot dead, the fourth victim died in the hospital. The offender escaped.

Nemmouche was a week after the attack with weapons, and a IS-flag picked up in Marseille. The Frenchman has involvement known, but says not the shooter. Bendrer was in december 2014, held at Marseille, also with weapons in his possession. He denies any involvement in the attack. France gave both of them out to Belgium.

The process for the so-called assisenhof begin probably in January.

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