David Copperfield reveals a disappearing act in court

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Illusionist David Copperfield (61) has in the courtroom one of his tricks to explain, after a volunteer injured would have been hit.

A British man, David Cox, lived in 2013, a show by David Copperfield in Las Vegas. There he was in the audience picked as one of thirteen volunteers. But during the trick, he would have injured and thus he has Copperfield for the judge dragged.

In the courtroom said Copperfield that he did not know that someone was injured until he was charged. The illusionist stated though that the error could be as a volunteer in a magic trick injured. “That depends on what happened,” he said. ‘If I am wrong or have done, then it would be my fault.”

Cox says that he has permanent brain damage and physical injuries suffered and that he more than 400,000 dollars in medical costs.

The court wanted that Copperfield explained how the trick works. Initially, he refused. But ultimately producer Chris Kenner, the trick revealed.

In the act does the American illusionist thirteen random people from the audience to sit on a platform. When he a moment later the curtain pulls away, the people disappeared, and they dive again on the back of the room.

Kenner told Tuesday that the experienced staff behind the scenes, the thirteen volunteers in a fast pace with flashlights through dark curtains lead, along corridors, outside, within, and through the kitchen of the MGM Grand resort. So they are on time to along the back of the theater again within the slip for the big finale of the trick.

On the question of Cox’ lawyer or an obstacle course consisted of, replied the Knower negative. Ten minutes earlier, had Copperfield himself without any problems, the same route taken for another trick, she said.

According to Cox were the corridors filled with dust and debris, because in parts of the building. He fell and was with a broken shoulder, brought to the hospital.

David Copperfield performed his spectacular trick in twenty years time, already tens of thousands of times.

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