David Copperfield he says, trick reveal

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David Copperfield had Wednesday for an American jury to explain how he, during his show thirteen spectators disappear. This as a result of the injuries a man suffered during a gig in Las Vegas.

David Copperfield

The great disappearing act, Lucky #13 ran one of the spectators, Gavin Cox, in 2013, to say a bone fracture and brain damage which Copperfield for the court was dragged. It was up to the illusionist to explain how this is possible. Either: he had to explain how the trick works.

During the hearing it appeared that the thirteen participants via a mirror wall of the podium to be led, to be so via a different road to the outside run so that they then again via the normal entrance to the inside. According to Cox, there was too much mess on the floor, so he’s ugly to miss. His lawyer calls the route, even an ’obstacle course’.

Copperfield says that he feels responsible for what happened to his spectators occurs, but doubts the story of Cox because it was only a year later complained. The Brit says that he has permanent brain damage has occurred and more than 300,000 in hospital bills was lost.

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