Cup match Fenerbahçe-Besiktas suspended after riots

3cfd7b11fbc3106f34e1a8398ac19c51 - Cup match Fenerbahçe-Besiktas suspended after riots

The competition in the semi-finals of the Turkish cup between Fenerbahçe and Besiktas is Thursday night after a small hour discontinued because of irregularities.

Referee Mete Kalkavan decided the duel to stop after a defined in the dug-outs, where Besiktas coach Senol Günes was pelted with an object. The Turkish coach was wounded in the head and had to immediately be cared for.

At the time of discontinuation, it was still 0-0 in Istanbul, where the relationships soon were sharpened after Besiktas defender Pepe after half an hour of red was due to a lot of late tackle. In addition, it was a goal by Ryan Babel, who was among the visitors, is frowned upon.

Despite getting Lens fell after peace with Besiktas, while Vincent Janssen sat on the bench of Fenerbahçe. The striker was due to heavy injuries on 8 december last year, for the last time in action.

It is not known when the return in the semi-finals of the cup tournament is finished. The heenwedstrijd was in a 2-2 tie ended.

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