Charlize Theron: “It is difficult to a heavy weight to keep

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For the new film Tully, from may 10, creeps Charlize Theron in the skin of an overtired mother of three children who is desperate for a nanny hires. For the role was the actress of 23 kilos.

Charlize Theron

“The first three weeks is nice, then you are like a kid in a candy store,” says Theron to Metro UK. “It was pretty nice to have for breakfast to a burgertent and two milkshakes to drink, but the fun is going there soon and it was even difficult. I remember my alarm in the middle of the night, literally for two hours, to eat. Then there was a plate of cold macaroni cheese on my bedside table, and then I pushed that to the inside. It is really not easy to have such a heavy weight to maintain.”

Also mentally had this process effect on the actress, and began to say very much on her filmkarakter to look like. “I was a tired, unhappy mom. I wanted to feel what they felt and after a while I got really depressed. That in combination with all the processed foods that I ate made me not a fun person on the set.”

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