Bergwijn: ‘a Lot of fun, little trained’

ddf221261ac71fda55a5c5b63d73db0b - Bergwijn: 'a Lot of fun, little trained'

After two days of riotous partying PSV has quite game with Roda JC with a victory may reward. In Kerkrade, it was 2-2.

Steven Bergwijn gets away before Roda JC player Jannes Vansteenkiste dangerous it can be.

“I always find it fun to play, but only little sleep. Then we sleep again tonight,” said the PSV player: Steven Bergwijn, after the end opposite Fox Sports.

“We have worked hard today. Best odds was created. I think there is a victory in it, but -what I have to say – we have a lot of fun, little trained. I can feel my calves and my legs still. And 2-2, what does it matter?”

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