Baboons escape from laboratory

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TEXAS – Four baboons chose to run away, when she saw an opportunity to escape from a laboratory where researchers test on animals. Thanks to a big blue bin were the four clever monkeys themselves towards the top hoist. They went immediately off and were even a little bit on the public road.

Not the baboons out of the story

In the Southwest National Primate Research Center in the U.s. state of Texas do numerous scientists study on animals for drug testing against heart disease and obesity. Among the 2500 animals there are 1100 baboons, smaller and smaller groups divided. In one of the mansions, there were 133 species together, where there are four clever enough to make a way of escape to think of.

In the cage of baboons are there, after all, big blue barrels, which are filled with food. Thence, the monkeys their own food, because they remain in motion and looking for their food. Four of the monkeys realized, however, that the tons of one way of service could be. They placed the hulks after a lot of pulling and traipsing expertly on each other, and then she like crawled and over the fence could climb.

For one of the four animals was soon exciting enough. He decided almost immediately to the freedom for what it is, and back in the loft, to climb. The other three animals went on the research. They could even outside of the laboratory, where they quickly spotted by passers-by. Those called to the centre and the attendants immediately sprang into action. They could be the animals eventually safely return to their loft. The blue barrels have now been removed.

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