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All clear: save droid not a Scam but a PR Stunt

0908d59d8b425f88e99b075e556ff7d5 - All clear: save droid not a Scam but a PR Stunt

Since the Morning of the 19th. April, the Website of save droid is back online. The suspected Exit Scam was specified, CEO Yassim Hankir wanted to point out the dangers in the ICO area. Whether this PR Stunt gets the Reputation of save droid, however, is questionable.

The day yesterday was full of speculation: now save droid, the Fintech Start-up in order to Yassim Hankir, all of the defrauded investors of over $ 50 million? Was hacked the project in a big way? It was a PR Stunt? BTC-ECHO did not hold back, not to overload the leaves of the forest with a quickly-written hypothesis. Of which there were many.

In the meantime, there was again a sign of life on the part of save droid: no one ran off with the Funds of the investors, and no one has hacked the Website and the Twitter Account. Ultimately, it was a small PR stunt. Yassim Hankir wanted to educate the investors about the risk of unregulated ICOs and the entire Community in terms of high ICO-Standards raise:

Trust by Alienating the investors of save droid?

The question is whether such a PR Stunt, good for the company and the Reputation of Yassim Hankir. The Investment in ICOs is highly risky, is well known. People demonstrate that extremely large sums of money in this ICO, but it is no strategy to generate a sustainable confidence. Before this PR Stunt not only enthusiastic voices were heard about the project. The fees seen amount is quite critical. Just a proponent of Be Your Own Bank to be such a project – not only because of the Fees – now even more avoided than in the past.

Commendable, however, is that the save droid don’t want to prepare a proposal for the ICO quality standards-even if you are the First.

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