Alex Klaasen fret too much for the love

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Alex Klaasen finds that he doesn’t handle the love. “Oh, I’m so bad in love.”

“At least, I’m not bad at it, but I can only handle it”, says the 41-year-old actor against Margriet.

If I have someone to find, the piekermachine to me. Then I’m going to enumerate everything that is not right or wrong. Or I find myself not fun enough, or I think we do not understand each other, or that we are not exactly the same sense of humor.”

The actor, who is currently touring with his show, Showponies, the love of his life still not found. “I do better in, you know, but at this moment my work is definitely my biggest love in my life. And I’m very happy that I have some. It is also a love where I was true to wants to be.”

On stage feels Klaasen himself free because he is in control. “Abroad it is so hard. Decorating, to name a few, as I understand in real life so it’s not worth mentioning. But when I am on the stage someone would have to decorate it, I would know exactly how I should do. While I’m the same person, with the same body and same face. But the arrangements are different.”

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