Ajax director Van der Sar believes despite missing the title not to blow

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General director Edwin van der Sar of Ajax think after missing out on the championship title not to blow. According to the former goalkeeper also do coach Erik ten Hag not fear for his job.

Ajax had last Sunday, PSV must win to have any chance at the title, but the Locals were in Eindhoven outclassed (3-0). PSV did this with the scale off.

Van der Sar had indicated earlier, the his fate to to commit to the results that Ajax would books under Ten Hag. The trainer took halfway through this season of Marcel Emperor, who, despite reasonable results already after a half years was fired.

“That is out of context torn,” said Van der Sar Thursday, however, for the thuisduel with VVV-Venlo against the NOS. “We have at the end of december, the third coach in fourteen months apart. That is ample for a club like Ajax. Stability and rest would get ahead. Erik continues to coach and I’m the director.”

However, stresses Van der Sar that progression should be visible. “At this moment we have with At Hag not the connection to PSV found that we had hoped for. Until now We have not enough development seen on the field, but we hang the future of a trainer is not on whether or not a championship. We want progression see and work together on the playing style and success.”


Also, Marc Overmars announced unhappy about missing out on the title. The director spelerszaken describes the season even if it fails.

“We need to be looking in the mirror: what have we done wrong, what should be better? This is certainly not a successful season, so in that sense, it failed,” he says against FOX Sports. “For yourself that gives you a dramatic feeling, so in your mind you are already working on next season.”

The former left called the breach of contract at PSV Thursday, “a collective offday”. “You can’t lose. This was the last chance to achieve something, but you lose no chance. That is painful.”

The supporters showed their displeasure readily apparent by the team bus of Ajax to wait at the Arena. Playmaker Hakim Ziyech was pushed by one of the fans.

Ajax is now four years without a price in the Netherlands, although it is Overmars that the lost final in the Europa League last year, also as a contribution to had.

“We played by the Europa League nineteen additional matches. In the matches played then we lost fourteen points. That is no excuse, but normally we had not so much lost. But four years without a price hear absolutely not at Ajax.”

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