Again sekstapes of Barbie in circulation

189a11f995261b9a98f8555a13f2f5a7 - Again sekstapes of Barbie in circulation

Samantha de Jong remains somewhat concerned; there are Thursday new sekstapes of her surfaced, in which her ex Rolf Tangel to see. The two are ready to quit and go make a report.

Barbie and Rolf have discovered who is behind the spread is, so he tells Shownews. “It is a friend, by the way. It was a girlfriend. Of my phone it is not. It is forwarded apparently. Sometimes when you think you can trust someone, but then it is in the wrong hands.”

Rolf indicates that he does not know how many movies there are in circulation, but “there are more and more.” He finds it especially painful for his ex. “For Sam, it is very very. She tries a little bit of peace in her life. She is suffering under.” At the end of February did Samantha also reported the leak of a sekstape she was in the rehab where she was taken after a suicide attempt.

But there is yet more news about Barbie to report: a month ago, a conversation took place with Kim Holland Productions about a possible career in the porn industry. According to Kim it is a feature and not directly to a role in a porn movie. The producer wants the realityster first more stable.

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