Actress Shireen Strooker (82) died

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In her hometown of Middenbeemster is an actress and director Shireen Strooker died. She was 82 years old. That has her family Thursday at the ANP let you know.

Shireen Strooker

Strooker was co-founder of the toneelcollectief The Werkteater (ekspres without h), where they are from 1970 to 1985 remained. Then she founded her own company, Foundation Strooker, that they have small productions played. Also acted in movies, including Rooie Sien (1975) and A Sweet Summer night (1982). Strooker directed in addition to performances, including at the National Theatre and Van den Ende Productions.

Shireen Strooker with Bram Vermeulen.

In 2011 was at Strooker Alzheimer’s disease established. She made about that in 2014 a movie with Marja Kok, titled Mar & Sien, have a whole round trip.

Her children Jesse Faber (actor Peter Faber) and Devika Strooker (actor Tons In) both are also the actor’s craft in gone. Shireen Strooker was together with comedian and musician Bram Vermeulen until his death in 2004.

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