A big, friendly giant in the Movies & Series Pass

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Roald Dahl fans know, the giants may simply be sweet and kind. Those who like to get together with the kids and watch a movie, have a hit of Steven spielberg’s ‘The BFG’. Available in the Movies & Series Pass Proximus TV!

The Big Friendly Giant (BFG) or in English, the GVR or Big Friendly Giant, is based on the famous book by Roald Dahl. A book that is in the hearts of generations of children and adults, conquers.

We meet Sofie, an orphan girl that night kidnapped by a giant. A giant, or peculiar words are used, but no further hurt a fly. Together concoct a plan to save the world from the evil, man-eating giants that the GVR bullying.

Mark Rylance takes in the version of Spielberg, the role of the Big Friendly Giant. The orphan girl Sophie is played by Ruby Barnhill. The Flemish giant has the voice of Warre Borgmans. Further, we hear in the Flemish version the voices of Lotte Heuten, Charlotte Leysen, Ivan Pecnik, Sven de Ridder, Anne Mie Gils and Jenne Decleir.

For the film adaptation of this world famous book by Roald Dahl worked for Spielberg back together with E. T.-scenariste Melissa Mathison, who has since passed on.

Click here to view the Flemish trailer:

‘The BFG’ is a fun, exciting movie for you and your kids to view, and available now in the Movies & Series Pass Proximus TV! Suitable for children from 6 years of age.

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