Who is the strongest in Boxing Stars?

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In the fourth episode of Boxing Stars, now, Thursday, april 19, Andy Peelman, Oscar Wilson, Astrid Coppens and Stéphanie De Roover the best of themselves in the boxing ring. Which well known faces put themselves last for the finals of the lightweights? The winner in the men come out against Sieg De Doncker and the winner of the women comes face to face with Laura Tesoro.

Andy Peelman: “I want to go to the extreme, until I drop. Hopefully not literally, then.”

In addition to his job as a police officer in real life and in the VTM-series Buurtpolitie, creeps the 34-year-old Andy Peelman now the boxing ring. Andy is competitive and sporty, but bokservaring he has not and his wife Tine is, therefore, also not completely at ease: “I don’t think it’s cool that he is going to boxing. I am afraid that he comes home with a bloody nose, a blue eye and a tooth less.”

Oscar Wilson: “I find that particularly fascinating: on your face. If I have a goal I have then I go there fully for and interested in me not how much it hurts or how much breath I lack come.”

His opponent is 28-year-old Spitsbroers-actor Oscar Willems. On the football field he has already proven, and now he receives as a boxer the opportunity to get a policeman to save without the in the cell to end up. Motivation is there in each case is not lacking in Oscar. Oscars girlfriend Ester has a good feeling in the camp: “I think that boxing is closer similar to what Oscar would like to do. I estimate his chances highly.”

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