Whites in Suriname molested

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Paramaribo – Two white tourists in Suriname violently robbed ’because they are descendants of slave drivers’.

The racist attack took place on the road between Moengo and Langatabiki. The robbed tourists drove there in, and a van driven by a local driver. One of the victims tells his story in the newspaper De Ware tijd.

Driver John Tojo: “It was a terrible experience. I saw someone all of a sudden the car afrennen with a gun in his hand. He solved a shot in the air and then I understood that the severity was. We also had to lie down on the floor and especially the white tourists who I carried, were mistreated.”

He also testified that the four armed robbers on the victims heenliepen.

According to Tojo, they were very angry with the whites and they went ’inhumane’ to work. ’Because they realised the robbers were seen as descendants of slave drivers, they had violently tackled, ” writes the newspaper. When the driver protested, he was himself beaten up.

The police acknowledge that the number of snatchings in the area has increased, but still has no suspects in sight.

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