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Was save droid’s site is hacked or there is an Exit Scam?

6025cf0a22252d39cb8e307711f05891 - Was save droid's site is hacked or there is an Exit Scam?

The crypto world is to find out in a panic while many try, whether to save droid’s Website has been hacked or whether the founders of the project have run an Exit Scam. Although it is not to early to have a safe, and correct answer to this question to the crypto world, of which however, from their speculations, and to Express thoughts.

Save droid is based in Frankfurt. The idea of the project is to invest your small money in crypto-currencies. The company has existed since 2015 and has its App has been downloaded more than 200,000 times in Germany. A worldwide distribution of the Software was also planned. Furthermore, the company announced that it is working on a self-learning, Artificial intelligence-based algorithm, which should optimize the organization and investment of small money.

The SVD-Token

The SVD-Token is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 Standard and has the following purposes:

It was all just a Scam?

Strange things happen with the save droid’s ICO. If you go to your previous ICO page, you only see this image:

Save droid’s CEO Yassin Hankir’s Tweet makes the whole not better:

What else is going on?

On Twitter there is a lot of talk about the shut-down site, including dealers recommend to their customers alternatives in the markets.

Whether this is a case of fraud can not be said with certainty. Nevertheless, this should serve as a reminder that you hold the money never to much Crypto in a single Online wallet, and always the correct safety procedures should be followed.

We hope that the save droid-organizers will soon report good news back.

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