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Verge (XVG): course-by-trailer, according to Pornhub-partnership

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The Cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) announced on 17. April a partnership with the pornography Website, Pornhub. As a response to the announcement the Verge-the course took a header. Here are some thoughts.

At the end of March, the Verge, the project launched a Crowdfunding round for a secret partnership. Then a good 75 million XVG from the Community were donated. This corresponded to a value of over a Million dollars. Two weeks later, after several announcements, the announcement, the official Statement: Pornhub On-Demand and Streaming services now accepts also Verge as a means of payment for Merchandise, and Video.

The Prelude

Verge is already noticed in the past due to the Marketing efforts. John McAfee brought Verge first on the Radar of the crypto Community. The advantage of the Verge, which offered privacy in combination with a low market capital – as the profits. Nevertheless, Verge had to defy, again and again, attacks from different sides. Screenshots of McAfee appeared, which wanted to blackmail a prominent Verge whale with character assassination. Then the Wraith Protocol came too late Update. Not least of all, that Verge could not keep his promise to privacy.

In a known Verge-Maniere hypte the Community the announcement, so much so that on 17. April all of the banned were on your Computer, as the Verge of the curtain. The Telegram-groups had no second to rest – pictures of Lambos and moons, to the extent that the Finger can scroll. Then the news: A partnership with Pornhub.

The Verge of course.

The anticipation, which was also reflected in the rate, could not be maintained. Hardly the news was spread in the world, began the Verge of falling rates. Nearly 12 US Dollar cents to less than 8 US-Dollar-Cent of the Verge-rate fell. Just 4 cents difference is the serious? Now, because there is a good 14 billion XVG in circulation, they mean 4 cents, and a value of 700 million US dollars.

This reaction seems to be that the market would not the name of the partnership. PayPal would be many to have been as a Partner rather. The speculation before the announcement, however, were so wild, that disappointment was inevitable.

Whole-Body Analysis: The Verge

The crypto-currency seems dubious: The Code from another project, copies, Deadlines do not comply with the Community begging for money, a 51%-attack, internal Pump-&-Dump-agreements. Worst of all, the promise of privacy, the Verge does not comply with. Transactions in the Verge are not anonymous and anyone who really wants to hide the Porn spending in front of the partners (or the government), had better access to Alternatives.

It is engaged in the Community, it is striking that little value is placed on a technological basis. In the foreground of the potential profit increase in the rate. For this increase, each stirrup holder is right. Not to forget is that Verge PornHub has ultimately paid money for this partnership.

Time will tell whether the partnership between the Verge and Pornhub bears lasting fruit.

About Alexander Roos

Alexander Roos and completed a Bachelor of Science degree in “Management, Philosophy & Economics” at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. His bachelor thesis was about the “fields of application and adaptation of the Blockchain technology”. Since 2018, Alex is part of the BTC-ECHO-Teams.

Alex is especially enthusiastic about pure, decentralized crypto-currencies – in them he sees the reinvention of money by the free market. His focus is on Privacy-Coins.

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