Turkish president Erdogan calls for early elections

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Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has early presidential and legislative elections was proclaimed in his country. It is intended that the Turks were already on the 24th of June to the polls will attract, about a year and a half earlier than initially planned.

In a short tv speech justified Erdogan’s decision to refer the situation in Syria and Iraq. The early elections are, according to him, also need to speed the necessary economic decisions. After the elections void, the post of prime minister in Turkey and given the president more power.

Not unexpectedly

The elections in Turkey had actually in november 2019 to take place. But the early elections do not come at all unexpectedly. There emerged the past few weeks, however, more frequent messages about plans for the ballot to bring forward. Erdogan had that information each time as ‘rumours’ dismissed.


Eventually, it was that decision Wednesday, however, taken after a meeting in Ankara with Devlet Bahceli, the leader of the ultra-nationalist opposition party MHP. Bahceli had Tuesday also a call for early elections has been launched. The AKP, Erdogan and MHP are going to for the forthcoming elections on an alliance. Bahceli had Erdogan been supported when, in april last year, a referendum was organised in which the president more power could hit back.

Erdogan is counting on an election victory, because he is the offensive against the Kurds in Afrin has won. He expects his voter him this reward.

New system

The transition to the presidential system in Turkey is completed at the start of the next term of office. With other words: due to the elections to push forward, will the president even earlier than his additional powers. According to Erdogan himself will make the new system to modernize the country and stabilize, but his opponents believe that the democratic system is being eroded.

The by Erdogan pushed forward date of June 24th still have to be approved by the election commission.

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