The Sinksenfoor moves to the Fakkeltheater

51aea9f24c1511341fed33cfc5785bc4 - The Sinksenfoor moves to the Fakkeltheater

Production company The Hinterland takes us this summer to “Sinksenfoor”, again an Antwerp concept after “Viva Minerva” and “Café Beveren”. Director Jeroen Maes drew up the script and should have eye-catching names in his cast. Carry Goossens and Danni Heylen may still have a couple forms on the scene. Actor Luc Caals is for the first time in years in the summer in Antwerp instead of at the coast. And the fans of Timo Descamps will be especially pleased that Timo after his professional activities in L. A. to see again is on the scene in Flanders. Toppers as Linda De Ridder, Brent Pannier and Anne Van Opstal make the cast complete. In short, the public gets this summer in the Fakkeltheater a nice mix of established and fresh acting talent. “The Sinksenfoor” from 29 June to 19 August on the poster of the Red Hall of the Fakkeltheater to Antwerp.

The Hinterland presents itself with The “Sinksenfoor”, for the third year in a row, as the production company that the original, Antwerp, summer comedies to a wide audience. “Viva Minerva” and “Café Beveren” were always a shot in the rose. The authentic, Antwerp, warmhearted character, seasoned with a pinch of nostalgia, in combination with an amazing cast and a wonderful director-screenwriter had to get the signature of this young, ambitious production company. Also this year the audience will be able to subscribe to a delicious dinner formula on Sunday.

“The Sinksenfoor” is on view from 29 June to 19 August in the Red Hall of the Fakkeltheater.

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