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The next Hard Fork is Super Bitcoin Make Bitcoin great again

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Today, Tuesday, another Bitcoin Hard Fork will take place, in contrast to the past Forks of Bitcoin, but so far only little attention in the cryptographic community, although he makes from a technical point of view, very big promises. At Block 498.888 the Snapshot for the Super Bitcoin is created abbreviated as SBTC.

The promise of the Super Bitcoin is highly reminiscent of the promise of the American President in last year’s election campaign. The Slogan of the Super Bitcoin is “Make Bitcoin great again”.

If you look at the Roadmap and the promises that the Team of Super Bitcoin power, then the sounds are actually great. Super Bitcoin intends to not less than the implementation of Smart Contracts, Lightning Network, Zero-knowledge Proof and the 8 MB block size.

It is important to know that Bitcoin has not implemented these features yet. At the present day, only the Snapshot of the Bitcoin Blockchain is made at Block 498.888, and thus the basis for further development. The Roadmap is formulated in very vague. It provides until the end of March 2018, the implementation of Smart Contracts and the larger block size. At the end of may of the Zero-knowledge Proof is to be added.

The developers explain on the official website explicitly States that they act according to the ideas of the “Bitcoin Community” and the project, Bitcoin is an Experiment.

“Please remember: This is just an experiment. We are merely implementing the proposals recommended by the bitcoin community. Only when we put these talks into actions that we can make bitcoin great again. “

SBTC will have a total volume of 21.210.000 Token, of which 210.000 pre-mined. The 210,000 Pre-Mined tokens are managed according to the website of the Super BTC Foundation and serve to encourage developers to invest in the Super-BTC Ecosystem and the operation of the Super BTC Foundation.

Interesting for all Bitcoin owners is that, once again, all Bitcoin owners, for each BTC you have will be rewarded with a Super BTC.

According to the website 21 stock exchanges, including Bitfinex, OKEx, and Huobi Per the Super Bitcoin and action.

Furthermore, even more new Bitcoin versions will be in December, like Bitcoin, Uranium, Bitcoin Cash Plus and Bitcoin forked Gold.

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