’Syrian’ is battering boy with belt

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BERLIN – in the Middle of the Berlin district of Prenzlauerberg, a place for the bourgeoisie, it is this week a boy by Arab attackers with a belt and cruelly molested. The student of veterinary medicine was because of his keppeltje abused.

The man who is the jewish Adam afranselde, clearly state.

As soon as they the head saw, ran two Arab boys, Adam, a 21-year-old Israeli, ex. One of them took his belt and hit his verbouwereerde opponent head-on in the face and against the body. Thick blue and red stripes were afterwards visible.

A video of the crime was widely shared. The young offender wearing a cap backwards on his head, a brown jacket and a black capuchontrui. A thick chain, was placed on his stomach. The police hopes to him because of the clear description to be found quickly.

“I’m very sad and disappointed,” says Adam to the corner of the synagogue in the Rykestraße, where day and night police. The young man is living for three years in Germany: “Many witnesses fingering. First, adding insult to injury, they give us. But we walked just beyond. The offender had a Syrian dialect.”

Liberal climate

The former working-class neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg is now a well-to-do neighborhood without a lot of Arabs and Turks, who in other parts of the city to live. In the last few years came, in spite of the about their war trauma on the former reich capital of Hitler’s Third Reich, many young israelis to Berlin. They love the liberal climate in the city, that at home they sometimes miss.

But on the Spree to live hundreds of thousands of muslims, mostly Turks but also Palestinians and Lebanese. That last group is especially angry because of the bombing at the closed Gaza strip. At demonstrations in Gaza the last time many Palestinians by the Israeli army shot and killed.

Also, some Syrians are furious. Last week claimed that the Israeli air force attacks on their country is disputable. All in all, says Adam: “I now feel not so safe in Berlin. I thought that it is not dangerous in Germany. But maybe I made a mistake.”

Chancellor angela Merkel condemned the anti-semitic violent crime. “That is terrible, and therefore, we will respond. This fight against anti-semitism must be won. It happens to Germans, but also by people of Arab origin.”

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