Swastika on the sleeve? Than free to the theater

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CONSTANCE – Who is a mouwband bear with a swastika on it, should Friday, on the birthday of Adolf Hitler free the Stadttheater of the German Konstanz. However, in solidarity with his Jewish victims wants to show and therefore a star of david on the breast pins, you should just pay to get there Friday night the premiere to create a new version of “Mein Kampf” by George Tabori.

Not crazy that this plan is a noise caused in Germany, but the theatre-makers want, according to his own words, ” to find out how quickly people are corrupted can be a little bit of money.

It is according to director Serdar Somuncu is a kind of warning. Theatre is there to make business cards and discussions, ” he said at a press conference. ,,We have from the start said: we don’t want the spectators from a distance to experience what in the last century happened. We want the spectators to make it clear, that it is here at this moment happens again.”

There have been fifty people a free ticket reported, according to the theatre, divided about the premiere and the thirteen following performances. The people with a swastika is also part of the staging, because the symbol during dark moments in the hall lights up. Get there no more than ten people per night, a free ticket, a hall of 396 places.

The German-Israeli community in the region and the Gesellschaft für Christlich-Jüdische Zusammenarbeit in Konstanz suggest that there is also a third possibility: no card to buy. The theatre is the losgebrande discussion,is valuable and necessary”. ,,We take the factual objections and concerns very seriously and will follow the public debate exactly”.

In the play, that in the Netherlands in 1989 for the first time was staged, the young Hitler just gesjeesd for the academy and he lives in a Viennese shelter for the disadvantaged. Two Jewish men take pity on the man who is the greatest enemy of their people will be. It is not a reconstruction, but a piece about good and evil.

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