Svensson: “the Story Midtsjø too good to be true”

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Jonas Svensson and Fredrik Midtsjø form a remarkable duo, AZ. The Norwegian ijzervreters be physically strong, let’s not get crazy, don’t do weird things in the field and pockets rarely by the lower limit.

Jonas Svensson takes no half measures against PSV there Jorrit Hendrix.

Svensson was 16, and Midtsjø 15 when she had the ancestral home in Norway left and went to live together in Trondheim. They were with six other talents of Rosenborg BK in a house, and the club dropped. “We have really spent a lot of time with the two of us, also next to the field”, says Svensson.

“The best memory I find the championship title in 2015 with Rosenborg. I still have a picture of the time that Fredrik and I have the medals were put. That we found both so special. Here we had all those years of hard work, but also outside the group training. I see it more so for me.” Finally debuted the two in the same period in the first and played together hundreds of duels in the main body.

Hard to believe

When Svensson, who in the beginning of 2017 at AZ descended, heard that the Alkmaarders serious interest had in Midtsjø, he could but hard to believe. “But at one point I also heard from Fredrik that it was serious. And then succeed also. Pff, the story is actually too good to be true.”

Read the whole report about the AZ’ers Jonas Svensson and Fredrik Midtsjø in the premium edition of The Telegraaf/Telesport from Wednesday 18 april.

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