Study of ‘Italian Weinstein,” because of sexual harassment

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There is a study of the Italian succesregisseur Fausto Brizzi because of sexual harassment, reports entertainmentmagazine The Hollywood Reporter today. Three young women complain Brizzi: he would have them forced have to have sex with him. The 49-year-old director is responsible for several successful comedy movies in his homeland, but tumbled from last year, when the #MeToo-movement rose from its pedestal, when a dozen women’s allegations in his address expressed. It earned him the nickname ‘Italian Weinstein.

The three women claim that they were invited to the apartment of Brizzi to audition for a role, then being them to have sex forced. Two of the three charges are in accordance with the Italian law, however, already barred, because they’re longer than six months ago took place. For the third charge, there is reportedly a lack of evidence. Yet, the women outside with their stories, because they are justice wanted for what they have to go through.

A ruling in the case is this week expected. Although it seems unlikely that Brizzi will be found guilty, the prosecutors have a stick behind the door, through the bringing of a civil lawsuit against Brizzi.

During a broadcast on the Italian television about sexual harassment last year in november, ten women out with accusations at the address of Brizzi, including ex-Miss Italy Clarissa Marchese and model Alessandra Guilia Bassi. The allegations were unsolicited massages to physical violence. This has given Brizzi of the Italian media, the nickname of ‘Italian Weinstein’ on it.

The short limitation period on verkrachtingszaken in Italy lures in the meantime, a lot of indignant reactions in the country. Thus raises activist and director Asia Argento on to the “outdated” legislation urgently to reform.

Brizzi has some of the blockbusters created for Warner Bros. His directorial debut ‘Notte prima degli esami’ (the night before the exams) was screened at 50 national and international film festivals. The film earned him several prizes, including the Premi David di Donatello, the Ciak d’oro, the Telegatto, the Sky Award and the audience award at the Festival of Annecy. In december, released Warner Bros. his last blockbuster, ‘Poor but Very Rich’, yet despite the commotion around his person, but it deleted his name from the promotional material. The film company refuses ever since to cooperate with him.

Brizzi claimed that he never had relations without mutual consent.

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