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Start of trading of the Bitcoin Cash stopped on Coinbase after 2 min

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The trading platforms Coinbase and GDAX have tonight, surprisingly, announces, Bitcoin Cash in your offer. Because of this news, the price of a BCH rose temporarily to over $ 8,500. The trade was , however, already after 2 minutes, stopped again. Still even seems unclear whether to place the price is actually a trade.

As we had already reported a few days ago, there were rumors that Coinbase currencies other Crypto to its platform could add. Coinbase, with over 13 million registered members, is one of the largest trading platforms for crypto-currencies in the world and has thus, in terms of the total trading volume have a significant impact on the trading prices and rates.

As tonight against the 1:00 o’clock German time the announcement was made that Bitcoin is Cash that can be traded on Coinbase, set the course to a high-altitude flight and reached for a short moment, a price of about $ 8,500 per Token.

After 2:20 p.m., the release for the trade, which lasted joy but not long. After 2 minutes, the trade was stopped due to the extreme volatility.

The extreme price increase is the fact that users rely on Coinbase already in the 80 minutes of 1:00 PM to 2:20 PM Bitcoin Cash purchase offers or purchase, could make offers. The extreme price increase was probably a result of the large influx of people on the platform.

The “Order Book” has been emptied as completely and reset. All open Bitcoin Cash transactions were, therefore, deleted.

To make matters worse is that users of Coinbase have not benefited to the night of the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork and your share of the analog of the Bitcoin ownership have not yet received. According to the FAQ section of the website from Coinbase to all users of the Bitcoin was credited to the number corresponding to the amount (at the time of the Hard Forks) now.

In the FAQ section of Coinbase is currently, Bitcoin Cash “Withdrawals” are only from 01.01.2018.

UPDATE: The problems with Coinbase seem to have fixed. On the same day, the 20.12. – 20 Uhr, Bitcoin is Cash were to Trade again released.

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