Starring role in Love with Cuba for Susan Visser

7ecf9fc7a8ee46bc22c97251db46e74b - Starring role in Love with Cuba for Susan Visser

Susan Visser will play the leading role in the new romantic comedy, falling in Love with Cuba from director Johan Nijenhuis. The actress will play the role of mother Loes jr., was Wednesday announced during the press presentation in Amsterdam.

Loes is suddenly called from the Cuban embassy that her daughter (Abbey Hoes) is getting married with a Cuban (Rolf Sanchez). They book the next flight to Havana and is determined to use a stick for this in her eyes, ill-fated marriage to cross. During her stay on the island regains Loes, however, her faith in love through an affair with the fiercely attractive Jan (Jan Kooijman) and with her ex-husband Alex (Tjebbo Gerritsma).

Actress Maaike Martens (The Luizenmoeder) plays the role of the girlfriend of Alex.

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