SO beat Anne-Marie Jung is missing on the red carpet

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Anne-Marie Jung appeared Monday night during the premiere of the musical The Color Purple in a rather special outfit. The actress looked as if she is blindfolded by her wardrobe was gone and had all eyes on her. An unintentional fashion disaster? No, Anne-Marie’s eye-catching clothing choice had everything to do with the new program in which they from may 10, will be shown.

“I have my own styling done, I do always actually,” she says stoically to RTL. “I show who I am, in the context of freedom and diversity. I’m always out of dress code, and this case, it was purple. I am a bird of paradise.”

Now it turns out that Anne-Marie is one of the new ’false friends’ in the eponymous tv program of RTL 5. The cheerful actress was recently in an episode of the most duimpjes down and had to before, as a ’punishment’ in a hideous outfit and ugly formatted enter the red carpet.

Mrs. Ank

Earlier it was announced that actress Ilse Warringa, known for her role as a Teacher Ank in The Luizenmoeder, one of the contestants is in the Wrong Girlfriends. Just as in the male variant, with, among others, Pim Muda, Pepijn Gunneweg and Leo Alkemade, sent the friends a for a in all kinds of strange situations by performing tasks.

One of them will get a ear in and the others to whisper to her in what she should say or do. A hidden camera captures the reactions of unsuspecting passers-by.

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