Selmayr remains on his perch to sit

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STRASBOURG – The new secretary-general of the European Commission, Martin Selmayr, remains. This is evident from the reaction of EU commissioner Günther Oettinger (human resources) a resolution of the European Parliament on the controversial ’flitsbenoeming’ of the German, to the highest official in Brussels. Selmayr was followed by 1 march, the Dutchman Alexander Italianer on because who unexpectedly retired.

According to Oettinger, there are no rules in the appointment procedure violated. He says, moreover, that the decision of the commission can be reversed “and that we do not.”

A large majority of the EU parliament (464 at 205), the commission called Wednesday in a resolution on the appointment of Selmayr to reconsider. The state of affairs was something of a coup, according to the parliament. Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker arranged in February for Selmayr, at that time his chief, that he Italianer per 1 march could follow.

Peter van Dalen (ChristenUnie): “the appointment of Selmayr, the rules are so applied, that only he could succeed. It is therefore of nepotism. The commission should others an equal chance.” Also Hans van Baalen (VVD) believes that the procedure must. “Apart from the legal aspects, it is not politically acceptable that someone within ten minutes, is promoted to secretary-general.”

Oettinger says it is willing, to “a constructive discussion” about future appointments. He wants to be as soon as possible to discuss how the procedures can be improved. Paul Tang (PvdA): “By this affair is the trust of citizens in the EU harmed. Appointments must be transparent.”

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