Russia now warns Facebook

76974df8b85101ce55ed4017c80d4ac6 - Russia now warns Facebook

MOSCOW – Russia threatens now Facebook with a blockage. The authorities in Moscow want that data of Russian users to be stored in Russia. If that does not happen, the site and the app before the end of the year blocked.

“We will have company for the end of 2018 to inspect, since the multiple conditions must be met,” said the head of the watchdog Roskomnadzor against the business newspaper Izvestia on Wednesday.

Earlier this week, gave Russia command to the chatapp Telegram block. Who refused the keys to messages to read the secret service FSB. Many Russians knew of the blockade, however, to work around, so they Telegram could continue to use it. The founder and ceo of Telegram, balling Pavel Doerov, the users called for “digital resistance.”

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