Ruimterots was a remnant of lost planet

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GENEVA – A rock that in 2008 crashed in the desert in Sudan, was a remnant of an ancient vanished planet. Swiss scientists have the meteorite examined, and come to that conclusion.

Archive photo

In the ruimterots sit, tiny pieces of diamond. That occurs when carbon to extreme pressure and extreme temperatures. That can only in the nucleus of an “embryonic planet,” according to the researchers. That planet would be 5 billion years ago, have existed in the early years of our solar system. He was probably about half as big as the earth.

When our solar system was formed, there were probably many dozens of planets, which is wild to the sun turned, and constantly on each other week. Sometimes they were by such a blow pulverized, sometimes melted them together into a new object. The ’father’ of the Sudanese ruimterots is probably about 4.5 billion years ago perished.

The asteroid has the scientific name 2008 TC3. He was approximately four metres wide. On 7 October 2008 he came to the atmosphere of the earth. He exploded 37 miles above Sudan. A few tens of brokstukjes of a few centimetres have been found. The research is in the wetenschapsblad Nature Communications.

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