Richard Gere for the third time married

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Richard Gere (68) and the Spanish socialite, Alejandra Silva (35) in the beginning of april married. The two are planning their marriage with family and friends on may 6 to celebrate at their home in New York, reports the Spanish magazine Hola.

Richard Gere with Alejandra Silva

It is the third marriage for the American actor, who previously was married to model Cindy Crawford and actress Carey Lowell. With Carey, he got a son, the now seventeen-year-old Homer.

Gere and Silva were in 2015 for the first time together in public at a film festival in the Italian city of Taormina. Also dived there at the time, photos of the movie star and his girlfriend on a yacht off the coast of Sicily. Then joined Silva the actor to film premieres in Madrid.

Alejandra is the daughter of businessman Ignacio Silva, a former vice-president of the Spanish football club Real Madrid. For her it is her second marriage. She was previously married to Govind Friedland, with whom they have a son, the now five-year-old Albert.

After a long-distance relationship live Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva now together in New York.

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