Pink laughs at the title ’most beautiful woman’

b5dfd185bc0af7e1bff2a38d75dcd3ce - Pink laughs at the title ’most beautiful woman’

Pink admits hard to have to laugh when she heard that People has named the world’s most beautiful woman. “But I feel a little better and have decided that this whole week no one me in the eyes to see it!”, jokes the singer against Ellen DeGeneres.


Pink is this week along with her two children on the cover of The Beautiful Issue. “As soon as I heard that the magazine me has voted the most beautiful woman I shot in the laugh. I turned right around to everyone in the room and said; ’had you ever expected that it is not more beautiful than this?’”, she laughs.

“To be honest, I think it is mainly for my children, Jameson and Willow, I this title to me. I do wonder whether Jameson over twenty years, mad will be on his first cover. He is very good at.”, gives Pink while they the funny uitsrukking her son, his face imitating.

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