Patience of Sabien Tiels seriously put to the test

ce1fdf3b9370ffb0f1ac29a87c4dadf9 - Patience of Sabien Tiels seriously put to the test

The patience of the singer Sabien Tiels was really put to the test. Together with her husband (here with her on the photo), and was a son Sabien with the vacation in Orlando. Next message placed on Facebook: “Just landed at Schiphol airport after a delay of no less than 54 hours. Murphy has done his work the past few days. Never experienced it. 2 nights in a row, first a lengthy delay, ultimately boarding, and a few hours later from the airplane due to technical issues. But nevertheless, it was a wonderful vacation in Orlando. Glad to be back.”

We read on that the son of Sabien Tiels Monday so not going to school could go. The school had a lot of understanding for the situation and it is not a problem for a couple of days later to return from easter holidays after this are not everyday circumstances. Airline Delta is, according to her, absolutely nothing to be ashamed of either. There was extra meals provided and overnight stays that were necessary, will also be refunded. The most important thing is that they are safe at home hit!

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