New lanceerpoging space exploration Tess

07306cac8d4e3c293cba2cc930da845b - New lanceerpoging space exploration Tess

Florida – SpaceX, the space of the South-African entrepreneur Elon Musk, shoots next night the NASA space telescope Tess in space. The satellite must go searching for habitable planets.

The launch would actually be Monday, but an hour before the Falcon 9 rocket with on board, Tess the space would be shot was the launch postponed after problems with the navigation system. If everything goes according to plan, will be Tess in the night from Wednesday to Thursday to 00:51 pacific time to be launched.

Tess stands for Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite. The space exploration should be in mapping or there somewhere in the universe another planet where perhaps life is possible. The launch of Tess is to live to follow.

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