Manager Barbie is now a reality tv series about… themselves

87211b2d15df5f24d62476c9075fcad7 - Manager Barbie is now a reality tv series about... themselves

Jake Hampel, the former manager of the Barbie doll, has found a new project to get his teeth into, he tells Shownews. He sticks to reality but this time he is himself in the spotlight. The manager is working on a pilot about BJ the manager.

Jake Hampel

According to the manager, that the months after the crisis of Samantha, the Young, after consultation with her family, and RTL as a spokesperson occurred and therefore understand her anger at the neck to toes, he got a formatbedenker the question ’whether there is a life after Barbie. “Well yes, so. This is a glimpse into the life of a manager, with all of his daily worries,” says Jake Hampel, also known as Big Jake (BJ).

“The asterisks of Oh Oh Cherso we portray and we show what a manager does and does not do.” So come Asterisk and Matsoe Matsoe back and also Michael van der Plas of the party. The latest let know, a long time is not enough to have the making of reality tv. “I am a realityster and I will still continue to do so. The familiarity helps with business.”

The manager already has a producer found for the new series, but still no transmitter.

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