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“Lewis Hamilton is in a crisis, when will he wake up?”

eff95a1983a11b795865fc38731d2b09 - "Lewis Hamilton is in a crisis, when will he wake up?"

Former F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve has again his unsalted opinion given, and this time it was again world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton was the best seizoensbegin. Mercedes and Hamilton knew in the first three races, not a single time to win. The Brit seems there are what sound like and respond at times very left.

“Hamilton is in a crisis and lose points for the championship,” said Villeneuve, as opposed to ‘Sky Italia’. “I think that many Mercedes are in a crisis. Now they should be on Bottas bet, someone who does not really have a rider for the championship.”

“After his impressive qualification in Melbourne is Lewis no longer able to properly use the car to drive. Such a thing is a concern.”

According to Villeneuve experience Hamilton is currently a difficult period, and typical for the Brit is that he is very much difficulties when it is not at all according to his sentence expires.

“We saw last year already that he is very much to lose if he is in a crisis. He falls back in the races, he falls asleep, he is not really aggressive. We’ll have to see when he re-awakens,” which decides the world champion of 1997.

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